The 2020 Bentley Traveling Spur Always Feels Self-confident

A quarter of the way by the 1st restricted corner I know the Bentley Traveling Spur is one thing various. Each other vehicle demands you give up cornering efficiency if you want a serene, improbably clean trip. So somewhere in my mind is the hardwired expectation that when you flick […]

A quarter of the way by the 1st restricted corner I know the Bentley Traveling Spur is one thing various. Each other vehicle demands you give up cornering efficiency if you want a serene, improbably clean trip. So somewhere in my mind is the hardwired expectation that when you flick a 5000-pound barge into a hairpin, it’s going to flop about and make a fool of itself. The Traveling Spur will not.

Its rear-axle steering procedure assists it pivot by way of the corner, but the serious magic component is the 48-volt active anti-roll bar. As you dial in far more steering lock, it corporations up, actively combating back again against the thousands of lbs . trying to squash the Bentley’s gentle springs. The system keeps the auto level and balanced. Incorporate some throttle and you can expect to have 626 hp catapulting you towards the edge of vision, stored in check out by a deft all-wheel-travel system.

Offered plenty of runway this quilted-leather-lined frigate will cruise at 207 mph, the W-12 thumping away with a satisfying grunt. Boot it from a standstill and 664 lb-ft of torque will tow you to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds each individual time, thanks to the easy, Porsche-derived start regulate. Gears flick by with minimal disturbance, the dual-clutch eight-cog unit blitzing via ratios devoid of ever feeling brutal. Thick double-pane glass suggests you may by no means hear the fading roar of the myriad featherweight sports activities cars and trucks the Flying Spur could leave for dead.

There is nevertheless a tradeoff for all of this luxurious. Due to the fact though it can be muscle-auto brief and never feels out of types, the overconfidence that breeds will have you running out of grip faster than you recognize. The legislation of physics yield for no gentleman, lady, or $270,860 Bentley. You may also get no steering feel, very little at-the-limit playfulness, and unquestionably no eagerness from the Flying Spur. This is no sports activities sedan It just understands how to imitate 1, must grasp request.

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Remaining to its own equipment, it chooses to fade away. The W-12 is inaudible in comfort mode, the steering mild and effortless. Suspension tuning is excellent, blunting even the harshest potholes into unobtrusive thumps. Its twin individuality signifies it won’t fairly have the unflappability of the comfort and ease-targeted Rolls-Royces, but the Flying Spur never ever gets out of types. Combined with the fast passing power and the Audi-esque driver aids, it can be one of the least expensive-work cars to generate.

The only far better choice is to be pushed. From the cavernous back seat, the Spur feels even additional serene. Bumps that have been barely visible up front disappear entirely, the journey evidently optimized for ultimate again-seat tranquility. You get acres of legroom, privateness shades, and headrest-mounted pillows tender sufficient to be slash by talc. Head back again on just one of those people, “Common Sound” by Tyler Childers on the industry-beating Naim stereo, massage on my back. The chaos of the town muted and sealed away, Prospect Park a blur as we glide by. Not quite nirvana, but as near as a person can get in 2020.

2020 bentley continental flying spur review

Mack Hogan

That emotion retained cropping up. Whether or not it was turning off all of the screens, muting the music, and floating through the late-night time city or just blasting Jason Isbell’s Southeastern on a wide-open up highway, the Traveling Spur transcends comfy and becomes definitely peaceful. A motor vehicle that just feels proper, no make any difference the instant.

There have been periods when the illusion stuttered, the exorbitant Bentley showing its mortal character. Situations when the semi-autonomous tech slice in to loudly remind you to retain your hands on the wheel, unaware that they ended up already there. Moments when you notice the Audi inspiration in the tech, the buttons. Tidy lots the place the major Bentley are not able to quite conceal its girth.

However none of that can counteract how intelligent the Flying Spur feels. Sophisticated ample to utilize each area-age engineering out there, assured enough to not constantly shove them in your encounter. Comfortable and coddling enough to be your chauffeur-driven chariot, but taut and buttoned-up enough to be a planet-class grand tourer. The Traveling Spur breaks the cycle of what you expect, refusing to compromise on space, velocity, or convenience. All it asks for in sacrifice is a test, starting off at $214,600, then off into the stratosphere if you get greedy with possibilities. The only one particular you want to have is the Bentley Dynamic Trip lively-anti-roll bar. It is really the mystery sauce, the reason that the Flying Spur is one of the greatest sedans on Earth.

2020 bentley continental flying spur review

Mack Hogan

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