Lucid Air Tri-Motor Crushes the Quarter With More than 2,000 EV Horses

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Leap in your time device small children, because it really is time to head all the back to the year 2017. A specially modified version of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat—called the Demon—ran the quarter-mile in 9.7 seconds. Sure, it experienced pizza-cutter front wheels, was missing three seats, drank 100-octane race fuel, ran on a prepped drag surface, and took gain of a temperature phenomenon termed “mineshaft air” (exactly where the barometer drops to the force you would see 650 ft under sea degree). Dodge realized this end result specifically at the time (an engineer I spoke with who was there explained it was a non-repeatable number—he appreciates simply because he attempted) and by no means bothered to hand out a solitary press automobile so that any sort of 3rd-get together could verify the assert. Nonetheless, check with all people on the net what the fastest creation motor vehicle in the quarter-mile is, and they’re going to all say Demon.

That was then. Today? The “document” belongs to an electric powered car or truck startup running a prototype variant of a auto its yet to start out offering. Why not? The Bugatti Chiron 300+ was a prototype and output variations will have severely limited best speeds. Elon Musk announces that the (eventual) Tesla Roadster will hit 60 mph in fewer than two seconds, and the model trustworthy repeat it as fact, if not verse. So why not call an early mule of a potential variant of an untested startup vehicle firm a report holder? We’re receiving into bloody edges of what output vehicles are capable of, I believe we can give ’em a bit of leeway. Alternate get: Do these data make any difference? For now, let us say yeah, confident.

Satisfy the Lucid Air tri-motor. Some of you will don’t forget that the Lucid Air twin-motor popped off a 9.9-second quarter mile operate. But which is final week’s fish, guy. Here’s what’s going on. Earning an undisclosed amount of money of horsepower, while it does have three motors that are able of 670 hp every (that would be a whole of 2,010 ponies), Lucid’s most recent beast ripped off a quarter mile dash in—please be seated—9.2 seconds (9.245 seconds, to be precise). Holy cow! Assume that is nuts? The entice speed was—I’d lay down for this one—157.3 mph. Which is hella nuts. Want some context? The original 1,001-hp Bugatti Veyron 16.4 trapped at 139.9 mph and required a leisurely 10.4 seconds to travel 1,320 toes. Rapidly ahead 14 many years and the McLaren Senna crossed the quarter after 10.1 seconds at 147.5 mph. You receiving the photograph? The quickest output auto MotorTrend‘s ever tested in the quarter is the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari, which did the deed in 9.7 seconds at 148.5 mph. This Lucid is just silly. I’m not even positive what else to say. Just kidding!

If you check out the video, you may see that although the Air is on a prepped surface, it is functioning fairly normal, narrow Pirelli P-Zero tires, measuring 265 mm at the entrance and 285 mm at the rear. This specific automobile now athletics a widebody kit (like the Demon), and wears 285 R compound rubber up entrance, and 325s in back again. Were Lucid to go back again to the drag strip at Sears Stage with the car or truck in its present point out, it would certainly be even a lot quicker. To restress all this, the movie you are viewing is of a super early phase prototype on baloney meats. Just wait till it can be on serious tires and tuned. Could we see an 8-second quarter mile run? Big time perhaps.