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Deets on Audi’s Taycan Twin

Audi e-tron Entire Overview

The 2021 Audi E-Tron GT and Audi RS E-Tron GT are anticipated to roll out in the center of subsequent calendar year, and we be expecting information to dribble out amongst now and then, beginning with a tech communicate Audi held this 7 days that divulged a couple new tidbits. The brief digital very first search function centered largely on the hotter RS variant, which it promises will be “the strongest automobile Audi has at any time designed.” Be expecting this model to align more carefully with the Porsche Taycan Turbo, even though the foundation E-Tron GT additional closely matches the foundation Taycan. This is what we know so significantly on how Audi and Porsche will differentiate their variants of the VW Group’s J1 Efficiency electrical architecture.

Audi E-Tron GT Motors

A graphic was shown indicating front and rear motors rated at 175 and 335 kW (235 and 449 SAE hp respectively). That sums to 684 hp, but this put together output figure was quickly contradicted by a slide indicating “Electric power output: 440-598 PS Electric power Output with Overboost: 646 PS.” People figures translate to 434-590 SAE hp 637 with overboost. A one torque spec was shared: 830 Nm, which computes to 612 lb-ft. Final calibration is reported to be incomplete, but we can most likely search to the huge vary of accessible powers and torques offered in Porsche’s Taycan for advice.

To preserve you the Googling, the Taycan 4S makes 429 hp/472 lb-ft unless you specify the Performance+ battery, in which circumstance output jumps to 482 hp/479 lb-ft—unless you have interaction launch management, in which circumstance the foundation battery can make 522 hp when the perf+ one particular can muster 562 horses. The Taycan Turbo makes 616 hp/626 lb-ft when the Turbo S makes 616 hp/774 lb-ft. Have interaction launch manage, on the other hand, and you unleash 670 horses on the Turbo or 750 in the Turbo S. Do not anticipate Audi’s GT to threaten those people headline-grabbing specs.

Push Units

As on the Porsche Taycan, the Audi E-Tron GT’s entrance motor will generate the entrance wheels immediately with a one-velocity reduction equipment. The rear will element a planetary two-pace transmission to allow equally the effective torque multiplication needed to attain the claimed 3.5-next -62-mph acceleration, and the superior-speed gearing demanded to help effective procedure at autobahn speeds (the RS E-Tron GT’s claimed prime speed is 155 mph). The transmission attributes two clutches that manage the handoff from one particular equipment to the other and can also decouple the rear motor solely for additional effective cruising on the front motor on your own. (The two motors feature permanent-magnet engineering, which indicates that when they are not remaining driven, spinning them generates electricity and probably undesired drag until you decouple them entirely.)

Battery Pack/Assortment

The only battery specification Audi shared is the gross ability, 93.4 kWh, which matches the top rated-spec battery selection on the Taycan, but don’t be stunned if the Porsche’s reduced-spec 79.2-kWh battery finally gets to be offered on a rate-leader E-Tron GT. Audi’s battery info slide acknowledged the 93.4-kWh number to be a gross determine, of which 83.7 kWh is the usable net strength available from the 396 pouch-type cells, organized in 33 modules. A advanced 4-circuit cooling procedure involving 9 diverse valves manages the heating and cooling of the battery pack, motors, and electric power electronics in such a way as to lower vitality reduction. A warmth-pump supplies really efficient weather regulate of the cabin.

Homologation and fuel effectiveness testing within just the numerous jurisdictions where by the E-Tron GT will be offered is nonetheless ongoing, but 1 in all probability shouldn’t anticipate quantities any greater than individuals reached by the major battery in the Taycan, which is rated 203 miles in the 4S, 201 in the Turbo, and 192 miles in the Turbo S. DC Quick charging at 800 volts will also be accessible, with Audi declaring a major charging fee of 270 kW during the E-Tron tech discuss. That is up marginally from the 250 kW Porsche has claimed for the Taycan in 2020, and likely both Audi and Porsche will align at the 350-kW charging Porsche has claimed it would roll out for the Taycan in 2021.


The bones are all J1 Efficiency Taycan, but tuned, we are instructed, to give the E-Tron GT a slicker, oilier, smoother Audi persona. A 3-chamber air suspension supplies the suspension’s key musculature, presenting three unique experience heights. Standard, usual in addition 20mm for clearance, regular minus 10mm for dynamic driving, and ordinary minus 22mm for peak aerodynamic performance. Electromechanical rear-wheel steering will be supplied on the E-Tron GT as it is on the Taycan, steering up to 3 levels in the reverse course as the front wheels to tighten the turning radius at speeds underneath 30 mph, and in the very same path as the entrance wheels at greater speeds to clean lane-modifications and other actions. Braking selections also mirror those of the Taycan, with iron discs as conventional, the minimal-dust area-coated intermediate braking package, and the entire carbon-ceramic choice at the top rated. Wheel decisions also mirror the Porsche’s, with 19-inch rollers remaining the lightest possibility (at 27.6 kilos every), an intermediate 20-inch wheel serving as the most aerodynamic layout, and a leading 21-inch possibility featuring the highest total dynamic functionality. A torque-vectoring differential will also be fitted to the rear of the RS E-Tron GT.

Audi Exclusive Providing Propositions

Requested what the key differentiators will be in between the Porsche Taycan and the Audi E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT, we have been explained to that exterior styling and most critical, inside ambiance will be the most significant differentiators. Laser lights and an readily available carbon roof panel will also differentiate Audi’s providing. Finally, we would anticipate that Audi’s E-Tron GT pricing will possible undercut that of the Porsche Taycan a bit, which could give it an edge in terms of value. Stay tuned for more information as we method the E-Tron GT’s mid-2021 launch day.

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